Therapy & Disability

The team at Swimfarm are highly experienced in the teaching of those with special needs, disabilities or who may be recovering from injuries.

We will work with you or your health practitioner to develop a tailored training plan at a level and pace to suit you. Swimming presents an opportunity to enjoy low impact exercise which doesn't put any additional strain on joints, tendons or bones. It is also a great way for individuals to build confidence and interact with others.

Our emphasis at all times is on individuality of experience, and rather than aiming for a general stroke, we tailor our training plan and guidance to each person's requirements.  This makes for a very interesting and fulfilling process for both the teacher and individual and responds to the bespoke needs of the swimmer.  What's more, the practice of swimming can improve motor skills outside the water by strengthening all muscle groups.

The pool area is quiet and the water is heated to 32 degrees centigrade.

What are the Therapy Benefits of Swimfarm?

  • Close proximity to the edge of the pool and the instructor aids confidence and support

  • Adjustable swim current to teach different methods of propulsion

  • Set up ensures quiet and stress free environment at all times

  • Pool size allows for temperature adjustment up to 32.5C and improved hygiene

  • Knowledgeable instructors will tailor the experience to each individual's requirements

  • Pool size ensures maximum safety for all users

When are the Sessions?

For availability or to reserve your spot, please contact Pilar on 0208 969 6758, email or complete our Contact Form.


  • 09:00 - 18:00

  • 1 Crowthorne Road
    W10 6RP