Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Swimfarm is a unique aquatic facility that specialises in teaching and developing good swimming technique.  We use the current of a flow pool to teach students good body position to achieve streamlined and efficient stroke mechanics.

Key to our approach is creating a warm, friendly and welcoming environment for everyone, from babies to competitive swimmers.  We understand that many children and adults have very little water confidence, and will work closely with you to overcome this.

For goal-driven competitive swimmers, we'll help you to create a focused training plan which builds strength and technique which in turn assists you to achieve your objectives.

Simply put, we put you at the centre of Swimfarm.  We understand that swimming is about more than exercise, and have created an inclusive, fun and supportive space for you and your children to improve swimming technique, gain more confidence, de-stress, socialise and enjoy.

Our Progression Chart

Swimfarm Progression Chart


  • 09:00 - 18:00

  • 1 Crowthorne Road
    W10 6RP