Parent & Baby Programmes

Parent & Baby Classes

Babies are born with natural swimming reflexes. However, most infant reflexes are outgrown by seven months unless they are sustained by regular active stimulation. Swimming has many health benefits for babies: it strengthens their muscles and aids muscular symmetry, it improves joint mobility, it increases lung function and stamina, it develops early co-ordination skills and heightens sensory awareness, and it encourages good sleeping patterns. To top it all, it is a lot of fun!

Many new parents are particularly nervous the first time they take their baby into the pool.  Our parent and baby classes are specifically tailored to help you enjoy an incredible bonding experience with your baby whilst teaching you both essential skills to build confidence and ensure your baby's safety in the water.

Our experience of teaching young children has enabled us to devise an age appropriate program for babies to prepare them for the transition to more technical swimming lessons. The baby swimming programme focuses on the key aquatic skills of breath control, floating, and movement in water, including kicking and paddling skills. It is by mastering these skills that a good swimming technique can evolve.

Swimfarm teach small groups in a calm yet playful environment using games and rhymes to engage the children.

The program includes two age levels: up to 18 months, and from 18 to 26 months.

The key differentiating criteria between these levels is walking and generally stronger physical skills standing up.

We also offer 1:1 lessons for children younger than 3.

What are the Benefits of Swimfarm for Babies?

  • The small size of the group (four babies/toddlers) allows for a more personalised experience and individualised attention

  • A very comfortable constant water temperature of 32.5C within appropriately heated pool surroundings

  • The smaller, calmer surroundings promote confidence

  • The ability to stand in certain areas allows young toddlers to float, roll and swim to the shallow side more easily

  • Toddlers become confident swimmers who enjoy water thoroughly and are well equipped for independent and more technical lessons

  • A relaxed friendly atmosphere enjoyable for both children and parents/guardians

When are the Classes?

Friday mornings for groups, but flexible for the 1:1 lessons.

For availability or to reserve your spot, please contact Pilar on 0208 969 6758, email or complete our Contact Form.

What our Swimmers Say...

"As a nanny, I have brought a lot of my charges to SwimFarm to be taught by various instructors dependent on age and I think they are brilliant! My current 16 month old has been with Clara since she was 9 months and the baby swim lessons are beyond amazing. Clara relates really well to the children and deals with a whole range of abilities fantastically. She really holds their interest and maintains good behaviour despite never having to get cross or raise her voice. She keeps things on their level and interactive whilst also improving their skills. My baby has made really good progress from a child who was a bit afraid of the water to a confident water baby who is now able to enjoy herself and improves week after week. She gets so excited when we get to swim lessons and she sees the water and Clara!! I feel confident she is gaining life skills and most importantly really enjoys it. The whole team is wonderful and Pilar is really well organised and has always been very helpful and efficient during the booking process and beyond. I can’t recommend SwimFarm and particularly the baby sessions enough!"


  • 09:00 - 18:00

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