Club Swimmers

Club Swimmers

Whether you are a junior or a master club swimmer, having your stroke analysed and corrected will make a big difference. Swimming technique is not about producing good looking strokes, which incidentally it does, but about efficiency and speed. A better technical stroke leads to faster times, maximises the effectiveness of training and minimises the risk of injury. It can mean the difference between being in the podium or at the back of the pack!

The mechanics of swimming are thoroughly explained and thus the swimmer can focus on them when training. It all makes perfect sense as it is about the physics of water and our human physiology.

The majority of these sessions are delivered by our Director of Swimming, Pilar Fernandez. Pilar was part of the Spanish national team and represented her country at the highest level, including being part of the Olympic team. She brings to these sessions her knowledge and experience, not only of stroke technique but also of the demands of ‘life in the fast lane’.

Being a swimmer is not just about swimming well. It is also about discipline, goal setting, pursuing and achieving excellence, competing, coping with success and the lack thereof, dealing with people from different social backgrounds. All very important skills for life in general. Pilar supports the swimmers’ development whilst helping them to become faster through technical corrections.

What are the Benefits of Swimfarm for Club Swimmers?

  • Instant feedback from both the effect of swimming in a current and the mirrors positioned on the floor

  • Thorough explanation of the mechanics of swimming for all the strokes

  • Proven results leading to faster times

  • Explanation of starts and turns, including good understanding of the FINA rules to avoid disqualifications

  • Advice in training, racing and how to handle the high demands of competitive swimming

  • The opportunity to have your stroke filmed and discussed

When are the Sessions?

They run weekdays from 7.30pm and at weekends.

For availability or to reserve your spot, please contact Pilar on 0208 969 6758, email or complete our Contact Form.

What our Swimmers Say...

"You guys are the best!   Thanks so much for doing what you do.   Swimming is hard enough as it is but when you have the skill, insight and knowledge of an ex-national swimmer – wow - what a difference.   Pilar’s technical knowledge on its own is amazing - perfectionist in action! - but that’s not where it ends, every time we finish a session, we all leave with bundles of enthusiasm and added motivation.  Oh and by the way, don’t be put off by the continuous pool and all its mirrors.   When you can see the elements of your stroke yourself, making adjustments is so much easier to implement and understand.   We’re fans and can’t recommend Pilar highly enough.

You won’t regret coming!"


  • 09:00 - 18:00

  • 1 Crowthorne Road
    W10 6RP