Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What should we bring for the swimming lesson?

Besides the swimming custom and a towel, please bring your own hat and goggles. The use of hat is compulsory for hygiene, as it is taking a shower before the session. Gels, shampoos and conditioners can be used after the lesson.

Babies and toddlers who are not fully potty trained should wear a water nappy and a second layer to avoid any ‘over spilling’.

How many lessons do I need to learn to swim?

We are asked this quite frequently, specially by adult swimmers. Learning processes are very individual and it all depends on your personal reaction to the teaching process. Your teacher will discuss it with you throughout the lessons, recommending the best course of action. What is undeniable is that independent practice between sessions will consolidate the skills learned and speed up the process.

Where I can find the term dates?

The term dates are given in the re-enrolment process and to each new customer when they confirm a booking. They are also included in every invoice.

How can I pay for the lessons?

Invoices are sent via email and can be settled in cash, by cheque or card and BACS.

Can I make up a missed lesson?

As per our Terms & Conditions, a copy of which is attached to every invoice, we do not compensate for lessons missed within a course, unless the cancellation comes from us. You can cancel a term course with a two weeks’ notice period or a holiday course with a day’s notice. Adults can re-arrange a scheduled lesson free of charge if they let us know at least 24 hours before.


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