Children's Programmes

Children's Classes

We understand that learning to swim can be intimidating and a little overwhelming for some children.

At Swimfarm, we believe that our swimming lessons are about more than simply learning to swim. Spending time in the pool is a fantastic way for children to build their confidence, make friends and gain a real sense of achievement. Swimming is a fun and exciting activity to enjoy and a chance for a bit of healthy competition!

Whatever their skill level, our flow pools are perfectly suited to children from beginners to advanced swimmers.  We follow a simple but unique pedagogical programme developed specifically for teaching swimming in flow pools, and comprising four stages:

  1. Adaptation to water
  2. Propulsion
  3. The rolling strokes:  frontcrawl and backstroke
  4. The undulating strokes:  breaststroke and butterfly

The combination of our comprehensive programme with swimming in the flow and the opportunity for the swimmers to see themselves on the floor mirrors, makes for a modern, simplified and more effective way to learn to swim.

What are the Benefits of Swimfarm for Children?

  • The smaller pool size empowers children and promotes confidence whilst keeping them safe at all times

  • Comfortable temperature that allows children to relax and enjoy their experience

  • Teachers teach from within the water to support and guide the practices in order to perform them correctly and speed up the learning process

  • More focused and efficient swimming practice

  • The constant adjustable flow allows the teacher to regulate the students’ efforts and build up their stamina

  • Teachers are in constant close proximity to their students allowing for a more accurate technique’s assessment and correction

When are the Classes?

2:00–8:30pm, morning lessons on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  Saturdays between 8:30am and 2:30pm.

Lessons are arranged on a term by term basis, which can be 11-14 week terms.

For availability or to reserve your spot, please contact Pilar on 0208 969 6758, email or complete our Contact Form.

What our Swimmers Say...

"Pilar is the reason my daughter fell in love with swimming. She has an incredible way of motivating kids to focus and achieve their best in the water. Her precision and passion is visible in the technique her pupils have - such finesse and power. Allegra looks forward to her weekly lesson and I think it’s been fantastic not just for her swimming, but also for her confidence"

"All four of my children have swum with Pilar (or a member of her team) over the last 5 years.  Each child has benefitted in terms of swimming technique as well as in confidence in and out of the water. For our family, Swimming is as much a mental as well as a physical sport; and Pilar nurtures each of her relationships and swimming sessions on an individual basis."

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