More than just a lesson

parent & baby classes

Many new parents find that they may be particularly nervous the first time they take their newborn baby into the pool. Our parent and baby classes are specifically tailored to help you enjoy an incredible bonding experience with your baby whilst teaching you both essential skills to ensure your baby's safety in the water and build confidence.

What are the benefits of flow pools for babies?
  • Close proximity to the edge of the pool is perfect for those who are nervous in the water

  • Adjustable swim current to suit all ages and abilities

  • Pool size allows for temperature adjustment for maximum comfort

  • Develop cognitive and physical awareness in a safe environment

  • Learning to swim provides a sensory experience for your baby

  • Teach your baby to turn, float and move to the side of the pool more easily

Much more than just a pool


  • 8:00 - 18:00

  • 1 Crowthorne Road, London W10 6RP.