triathlete & competitive swimmer

There are numerous practitioners and books that lay claim to using methodologies that improve swimming beyond recognition. The methodologies usually have merit but tend to simply emphasize a certain aspect of stroke technique. At the Swimfarm we understand and cover all aspects of stroke technique in order to produce relaxed and effective swimming.

Stroke Refinement
For Masters and Triathlon Swimmers, having your stroke filmed and expertly analysed can take your swimming to the next level. Underwater cameras capture your technique which can be instantly replayed on the poolside monitor with the coach and also saved to your own DVD for later analysis.

Triathlon Sessions
The “Sprint” development sessions concentrate on establishing the basics of good frontcrawl technique. Practises and drills are aimed at the ability level of those entering triathlon for the first time with little or no experience of competitive swimming in the past.

The “Olympic” improvement sessions cater for athletes who have either taken part in a standard distance triathlon (1500m swim) or have previous competitive swimming experience. Drills will be more technical and aim to develop streamlining, stroke length, relaxation and improve stroke efficiency. Sessions are 1hr or 1.5hrs and can accommodate up to 4 people. 

They run weekdays from 7.30pm and at weekends. 

· 1:1 is £35 for half an hour with a DVD, analysis & corrective drills.
· A group of 4 is £30 each for an hour 
· A group of 6 is £20 each for an hour.