Photography and Video Policy

Swimfarm has an underwater video system to assist with the tuition of swimming technique. In addition swimming sessions are visible to the persons in the viewing are who might take photographs or video. 
In addition all persons using the swimming centre may be videoed using the security surveillance system for safety and security purposes. 
Swim Farm has the following codes of practice in relation to filming and photography:


  • • No photography or videoing may be carried out by users of the centre without prior permission and the necessary details put on file in the operations log. Mobile telephones are included as photographic equipment. 
  • • Parental permission for any filming/videoing of children will be sought prior to using the videoing systems for teaching
  • • Any filming / videoing of swimmer with Swimfarm equipment will only be undertaken by official coaches and used as coaching aids for training purposes. 
  • • All swimming videos shall be either erased or stored securely on the premises.
  • • The taking of photographs or video from the viewing area is forbidden unless the only swimmers in the pools are those belonging to the person taking the photographs or video

A parent or guardian has a right to refuse to have their children photographed or videoed. The exercise of this right of refusal should not be used as grounds for refusing to accept the child for lessons.

Every swimmer and parent/ guardian of U-18 swimmers shall be required to complete a photographic consent form for video and photographic images.

Any underwater swim analysis images will be stored securely and will be accessible only to the relevant managers. Video swim analysis will be deleted once a swimmer ceases to be enrolled at the centre or at the swimmers request.

Parents and swim centre users will be notified in that a security CCTV system is in use within the information sent to them upon registration. Appropriate notices in the centre shall warn user of the centre of their presence. 

The digital data from the surveillance system shall not be accessible to anyone other than the Child Welfare Officer, the Operations Manager and the senior Swimfarm management.

CCTV Images are to be stored securely for a period of one month after which time all images are erased.